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Groom Attire....HEELLPP!

Our wedding colors are brown and ivory.  The bridesmaids dresses are brown with ivory sashes, and unfortunately, I did not think about what the guys would wear when i chose those colors.  The wedding is in the winter (12-30-2011).  So, I do not like chocolate brown suits/tuxes.  I also do not like black suits/tuxes with brown vests...WHAT SHOULD I DO?  How can I tie the brown into the black suit without looking like we are clashing?  I also kind of like the vest idea...chocolate brown suit pants with a vest and tie only.  The only problem with that is that it may look too informal next to the bride and bridesmaids more formal dresses?  hmmm..dont know what to do.  Suggestions?  Photos?  Thanks a million!  

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Re: Groom Attire....HEELLPP!

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    I'd have the guys wear black tuxes with black vests and ties--there's no real need to tie the brown into their outfits, unless you want to with their boutonnierres. The alternative is that you could pick a third color as an accent color and have the guys wear that for their vests and ties.

    I don't like the idea of suits with vests and ties. I think it looks much less formal, and in the winter they'd be underdressed.
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    I like PP's suggestion of doing all-black tuxes (no accent colors in the tuxes).  I also had a little color dilemma like yours -- Green and Ivory.  We were trying to figure out the guys, and came upon the idea of chocolate brown vests/ties with black tuxes.... then I saw it in person at Mens Wearhouse and didn't like it as much as I thought I would.  We have since changed the groomsmen to have black tuxes with pewter vests/ties and the groom will wear ivory to match my dress.  

    So... I guess you could add the pewter to the guys vests/ties if you don't mind adding a neutral color, ... if you don't like the all-black design with white shirt tux. 
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    Not sure why you don't think black with brown vests would look good.  I really like this one:
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    Just have them in classic black with ivory shirts, and maybe ivory vests also. That will match fine.

    I actually love vests without jackets, but not so much for a true winter wedding with formal dresses. And in that case, I'd still recommend black pants, unless they can buy some in a better color and fabric than the standard chocolate for rentals.
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    Yeah, have the guys in regular penguins, let the girls be your colors
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    [QUOTE]Yeah, have the guys in regular penguins, let the girls be your colors
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    OP, where are the guys getting their tuxes from?  I'm from upstate NY originally and that's where my wedding was.  We rented the tuxes through Tuxedo Junction.  Our colors were black and white with pink, so we did black tux, black vest, and then a pink tie and pink pocket squares.  My dad wore the same tux, but we wanted brown accessories for him since my mom wore a brown dress.  We picked the cavalier tie in truffle, and did matching pocket squares, and he wore the same black tux and vest as the GMs.  This is the tie my dad wore, and it looked awesome against the black tux.  If you want you can PM me with your email address and I can email you some pics of him in the tux with it.
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