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Bouquet colors

I am getting married June 30th. I am wearing white and my bridesmaids are wearing malibu blue dresses with coral sashes. What colors should I use for their bouquets and my bouquet? I cant find any flowers in those exact colors so which colors would look good?

Re: Bouquet colors

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    Your florist would probably have some great ideas for you if you can bring her color swatches.
    I think some vibrant whites would look great against all of those bright colors, though.
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    Coral flowers in a mixture of coral shades would be very pretty. 
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    Your flowers do not have to exactly match your BMs dress color...that would be weird and too matchy-matchy.  Like previous poster said, a variety of coral shades would be very pretty.

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    my BMs are in burgundy, and my dress is ivory.  i didnt want any of us to be completely monotone, or for me to carry a burgundy bouquet.

    my florist came in with a GREAT mix of both colors, plus some greenery.  the BMs will be a mix of ivory and burgundy roses with babys breath and ivy

    my bouquet is burgundy and ivory roses with a large open lilly and some white/ivory orchids to help the bouquet cascade a little. plus a little ivy and babys breath.

    .....long story short -- coral and white bouquets will look great for both you and your girls -- and maybe you can add in a couple special white flowers to help your bouqet stand out. Your florist (if you picked a good one) will have some great ideas. I had NO IDEA what flowers would go together, and my florist picked exactly what i never knew i wanted =)
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