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The Perfect Shoe

I am on a quest- to find the perfect shoe.  Some may think that its a pretty easy task but not for me.  Here are my issues/ requirements:
1- I am already a pretty tall gal and my FI isn't too much taller than me
2- I want to be comfortable all day so wearing a heel over 2.5" is going to be painful for me
3- My dress is just about the right length so again, wearing something too high just won't work.
4-  I don't really want a white shoe because I would like to wear them again, especially if I am going to be putting out a lot of money for them.

I found a great pair of Kate Spade glitter sling-back open toe heels with a cute bow on the front but can't find anything that fits the requirements.  Any suggestions???

Re: The Perfect Shoe

  • Try searching online, there are a lot of great flats (which is what I am wearing) and short/kitten heels.  Some great sites are:

  • Hi Sarah!  Check out  We can make you whichever shoes you'd like with heels as low as 1.5" and can easily do 2.5".  Not sure which Kate Spade shoe you were looking at, but we can do an open toe, slingback glitter shoes and do have bows, so I think you can find something pretty close!

    Please e-mail me if you need any help!

    milk & honey
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