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Bow Tie vs. Tie ensemble?

Im trying to figure out the attire for the groomsmen and FI but I cant decide how I feel about the bow tie.  My FI likes the bow tie but it seems outdated to me. Our colors are black and white with an accent of red. 
What are your guys wearing? Vests, ties, bow ties, pocket squares etc? Mens wearhouse has a lot of options but I would like to see what most of you ladies are doing.
hope everyones planning is going good!

Re: Bow Tie vs. Tie ensemble?

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    Since he is the one who has to wear it, why not let him pick out his own tux and bow tie.  FI picked out his own, and I was glad.  It was one less thing for me to worry about.  He didn't go dress shopping with me, so I thought it only fair he should get to wear whatever he wants. 

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    Ditto- if it's what he likes, let him wear it. They have so many options, I'm sure you can find something great you both love!
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    My guys are wearing vests and long ties, no pocket squares.

    I favor the long ties, but as others have said, this should be his choice.  I sent mine to the store with some fabric swatches and let him pick everything out.
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    Our guys wore vests with long ties, and bouts instead of pocket squares (I think both together look cluttered). But if he wants to wear a bow tie, let him! It's not dated at all--a couple of my friends got married this weekend, and the groom wore a bow tie. Besides, you got to pick out your wedding gown, right? Let him pick his attire.
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    Bow ties are cool.
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    FI said absolutely not to bow ties.  He's the one that has to wear it so I agree that it should be his decision.  I think I personally like the long ties better.
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