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Mon Cheri by Kathy Ireland --- WHERE?!


I have fallen in love with almost every Kathy Ireland dress, these being my favorites...

I am very resourceful and obviously the first thing I did was hit the obvious button on the link, which is "where to buy this dress". It then takes me to a map and brings up a store locator for the collection of Kathy Ireland Bridal. HOWEVER each place that I've looked at from tehir list of suggestions DOES NOT carry Kathy Ireland, and carries something like Mon Cheri by David Tutera. 

CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO FIND THESE FREAKING DRESSES?! I love them so much! I live in Florida, however will be going dress shopping with my mom and sister in Massachusetts. 

Thank you!!!!

Re: Mon Cheri by Kathy Ireland --- WHERE?!

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    Did you call them? Many stores only list the main brand and don't include all the offshoots of them on their websites.
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    My google searches show those styles are discontinued.

    This bridal store seems to carry a few Kathy Ireland for Mon Cheri styles.

    Good Luck
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    I believe Kathy Ireland designs for Mon Cheri.  So if stores carry Mon Cheri or Kathy Ireland for Mon Cheri, then they could have those dresses.  I'd suggest sending a few salons in the area an e-mail with the links to the dresses you like and see if they have any in stock.
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    Kathy Ireland took over their collection called 2be.  So check on that, I think it is more exclusive and that should tell  you some stores.
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