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brides dress in ivory,flowergirls in white

Is it ok to have the brides dress in ivory and the flower girls dresses in white ?

Re: brides dress in ivory,flowergirls in white

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    *sigh*  Yes, it's fine.  Your marriage will not be invalidated if they don't match precisely.
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    I don't think there is anything wrong with that either.  My dress is light ivory but my shoes for that day are white.  I wanted them in ivory to match but they didn't have them in my size so I got them in white.  Another option you have is to pick a dress for the FGs that is white and add something ivory with it.  You can add an ivory sash or something so that their dresses aren't just all white.  They don't have to match you 100 percent.  Its your wedding day so if you pick a white dress for the FGs you will stand out more which doesn't every bride want to stand out on their wedding day....  GL!  Laughing
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    [QUOTE]*sigh*  Yes, it's fine.  Your marriage will not be invalidated if they don't match precisely.
    Posted by aerinpegadrak[/QUOTE]

    Just wondering - why does this seem to be such a hot button issue you for? You seem to reply with a bit of attitude whenever this is asked. It's a valid question that I know many people are going to think about. People put a lot of time and effort into the details of the day - why wouldn't they think about colors? If you're sick of hearing the question, I'd just stop opening the threads that you know are going to ask it if I were you.

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    I was worried about the same thing.  I guess it depends mostly on the shade of ivory dress you choose.  I am between two.. one looks very ivory and one looks whiteish.  If I pick the first dress I will try to pick ivory FG dresses- but then what about the baskets.  But yea-- you are not alone in wondering about this.

    BTW- if you bought the FG dresses already- it will all turn out fine.  You may notice the difference in the pictures- but it will be fine.  : )
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    It really is a personal taste. You and the FG will look great no matter whether you match or not. It is valid question because I had to make the same decision my dress is an off white. The orignal FG dresses I picked were white. When I placed them next to my dress... OMG it made my dress look dirty it took on a shade of grey. Dont ask me how. your best bet is ask for a swatch of the FG and hold it up to your dress to see if they compliment... only if you are that worried about it!
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