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Horizon Blue David's Bridal BM dress

My friend is getting married this august and I'm one of her bridesmaid. The dress is a short sateen horizon blue dress. Does anyone know where I could find a used one? I need a size 6.

Re: Horizon Blue David's Bridal BM dress

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    I was able to get a David's Bridal BM dress from an Ebay seller once for a wedding. But that was in a situation in which the bride let us pick any style of the same color. I would suggest watching Ebay once a week up until the final ordering deadline at David's Bridal.

    Though honestly, the style in that picture F14823 is actually one of the cheapest ones at I'm not even sure you'd save enough money buying used to make it worth it.
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    I couldn't find any in Horizon on but the ones listed were between $50 and $75 so it's not major savings for a dress that's $99 at DB.

    Did the bride buy her dress there? If so, you get a $20 discount on your purchase.
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