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Too much?? Hair Question

So I have a gorgeous tiara I want to wear, with a veil.  However, I also really like the idea of a couple flowers (not a lot just maybe 2, or several smaller) as well....what I would like is a tumbled/curled look down my back, with a couple flowers.  Then the tiara in the front, with the veil for the ceremony (I'd take them off for the reception).  The way I am invisioning it you wouldn't see both the tiara and the flowers at once. 

Is that too much? 

Alternatively, I also thought about something like holly or mistletoe as it is a Chrimstas theme wedding.

Re: Too much?? Hair Question

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    I think its to much. What if you did the tiara and veil for the wedding then take off the tiara and veil and did the flowers for the reception. that way you could have both without over doing it!
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    I am thinking about that.  I don't know how to go about securing the flowers myself though!!  :-)
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    I agree that it's too much.  I would do as the pp suggested.  Look on etsy for an artifical flower already attached to a clip.  Then talk to your stylist about how to remove the tiara and add the flower so that it doesn't mess up your hair and looks great for the reception.
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