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Tre Bella Bridal, Durham, NC Beware!

This is just a snippet of what has happened with my experience at Tre Bella Bridal, but wanted to warn others before dealing with them!

Proceed with caution when shopping at Tre Bella Bridal. They have beautiful gowns, but have very high prices and have unethical business practices. I was sold a sample gown that was too small to fit me, but was assured it could be altered to fit. No mention of the extreme cost of the alterations and when I got the quote of $600 to fix the dress, I took it elsewhere and was told the dress could NOT be altered without severely compromising the design and structure.

I returned to Tre Bella and their only resolution was to sell me another dress at an additional cost, or do the alterations there. When I told them to go ahead with the alterations, they quoted me at $1,000 instead of the previous $600 due to rush fees and fitting fees.

They have been completely unwilling to resolve the matter and left me without a gown for the wedding. Be sure to get everything in writing when dealing with me before you make a purchase.
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Re: Tre Bella Bridal, Durham, NC Beware!

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    1.) Post this on your local board so brides in your area can be warned. This is an international board.

    2.) change your screenname so it doesn't include your email address. This is for your own internet safety.
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    Wow!!! I live in the Triangle area, thank you for the warning!!!!!!

    I would continue to fight with them and try and get ur money back and go somewhere else. 600 for alterations is ridiculous!!!

    I got my dress in New Bern, NC at The Intimates!!! They were ABSOLUTELY amazing there!!!!!
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    Thanks for the tip, lizstill!

    And, I am definitely still trying to get something out of it. It's disappointing that I have to deal with it :(

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