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I found a gorgeous dress on but as skeptical because its from china and they make it send it to you and all sales are final but its only 300 dollars. Has anyone used this site or heard about it? Do you think its worth the risk if I do it with lots of time to spare?

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    Honestly, i wouldnt trust anything coming straight from asia ..
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    Do you have any suggestions as to how I could get this dress without going through them. I can get pictures but they wouldn't answer when I asked if it was sold in stores, they said they make all their dresses.
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    They probably do make all of their dresses, but what matters is whether they're original designs or whether they're making knockoffs of another designer. Post pics and a style number if you can, maybe we can help find it if it's a knockoff.
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    Be extremely careful about ordering from any of those Chinese online bridal shops. Oftentimes the quality of the dresses are so poor that they are unwearable. Their communication is also extremely lacking if you have questions or a problem with your order.
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    I have first hand experience with this kind of company.  I went through an ebay seller that claimed to be from California.  The communication was great and I had in writing that they would refund me completely if I was not happy with a photo of the finished product. I didnt have to go through the disappointment of receiving the dress -- the photos they sent were horrible. I was fully covered by ebay and I received a full, no hassle refund immediately.  I have read many post where the bride has yet to recover the funds.

    From experience I will tell you -- if it appears too good to be true, it is.  I had a low budget for my gown and I eventually found a dress at DB.  The fit is great and it is very well made.  I still wish that my original dress would have worked out, but I am completely happy with what I have. 

    I am sure that if you send us a photo of the dress we can find the designer!
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