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Hair Piece Idea

Hi All,

I wanted to share with you an idea my sister and I are doing for my hairpiece.  One of my grandmothers passed away two years ago and left me some of her costume jewellry.  In addition, I have some other jewellry i have received from my mother in law that I can't wear due to reaction to the metal and a faux pearl necklace, bracelt and earing set from one of my other grandparents.  My sister is very crafty and does wire and lace crochet so we are using the jewellry as bling and embelesments for my hairpiece my sister is making for me.

Just an idea to share with everyone that if you do have some non heirloom jewelry from important people in your family or perhaps friends etc. then you may be able to make your own veil comb or hairpiece with some pieces of that jewely.  this will be my something old.  My dress will be something new.  The something blue will be a saphire earrings I also received from my grandmother.  Something borrowed - not too sure...I am sure I can find something :)

Re: Hair Piece Idea

  • THANK YOU!  This is an amazing idea, and I have had grandparents and family who have left me some play costume jewelry in the last little bit and was just trying to figure out a way to bring some of that in since my grandmother was very important to me. I would have never thought about making something out of the jewelry be it for my hair or anything else ^.^ Great Idea!
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  • I'd love to see a photo when you are done!
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