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When you tried on your dress did you know it was the one?

Today I went for my first appointments dress shopping and then I have a few tomorrow also. When you put on your dressed did you really just know?

I know when I watch "say Yes to the Dress" everyone starts crying and stuff, but I wonder if thats a 'made for tv' reaction.

Did any of you just know?

thanks! Wish me luck!!!

Re: When you tried on your dress did you know it was the one?

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    I didn't cry. I had tried on over 40 dresses and 5 different salons. I picked one out of frustration and changed my mind. I went back 2 days later and found one that I felt good in.

     I'm having a traditional Catholic wedding so I need to be able to kneel and get up easily. I also needed something that fit the cathedral. 

    Ultimately my dress makes me feel confident, sexy and beautiful. Unfortunately I found another dress that I also fell in love with so I bought it for my reception.

    You will find your dress and know it's the dress because it will be the one you think about when you leave the store and you'll go back to it if you don't buy it right away.

    Happy hunting!
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    I didn't and neither did my mom. I wasn't so worried about me crying over at her, but who am I kidding. I think the BMs I had with me knew it, especially the one that had been with me all day. I was able to get pictures in it. I tried it on again a month later with mom and aunt with me. At that appt I was like PP and just didn't want to take it off. Plus, it was HALF of my budget! 6 months to the day away from wearing it. Pretty sure I still lov eit, being as I can't wait for fittings! You'll know it, but maybe not eventually. When you start comparing other dresses to it, stop shopping. That is how you know FOR SURE! (Same with invites, etc.)

    DO NOT OVER SHOP! Once you buy your dress, no more looking!
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    I made fun of my dress! My sister pulled it, and I laughed at how poufy it was.

    Until I put it on and couldn't stop smiling. Look for a dress you have fun in!
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    I cried, mom cried a I didn't want to take it off :)
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