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Sweet Dreams...Melissa Sweet's Cosimma

I love the Melissa Sweet Cosimma! Anyone planning to wear the dress in a size 10 or 12 for their wedding and then sell? Unfortunately I can't afford the dress new. Wedding day isn't until August 2010. I can wait!Thanks ladies!

Re: Sweet Dreams...Melissa Sweet's Cosimma

  • Hi All,I'm also looking for this dress... However I'm 5'10. Email me at if you have one or know where I can find a gently used one. Thanks!!!
  • MPAPENA:I am very interested in your dress.  I am looking for a size 6-8...does anyone have the Cosimma dress?  If so, email me
  • Ditto - I love this dress!  I think I'd need a 10/12 for a May 30 wedding.  Anyone got one?
  • I too love the Melissa Sweet Cosimma. Looking for a street size 8. Interested in purchasing - please contact: Mina Salgado on Facebook or Please help make my dream wedding dress happen for a 12/31/09 wedding in Hyatt Regency Jersey City, NJ. TY!
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