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What was your alterations schedule like? How many fittings did you do? How close to the date? I am getting married in December and need to have my dressed altered to make it a little tighter around the bodice and to add a bustle. The thing is I would also like to wait until I have lost a couple of pounds (not a lot, maybe 6 or so) to have the dress finally done but I am also anxious to see my  dress fit my body properly! What would you do? Should I have the bustle done now so I can at least talk to a seamstress about the bodice? Or should I just hang on and be patient and go about a month before once I'm at my final weight? What did you do?

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    I was married May 30th. My alterations began the first week of May and I had 1 a week (3 total) until the wedding. I had it hemmed, taken in at the bust, and had 2 bustles sewn in. I would wait until closer to the date to get it altered if you plan to lose weight. If you start now, you'll only end up spending more money having to take it in more and more.
  • my wedding is Sept 18 and i had my first fitting July 13. My next one is Aug 3rd. I'll go back on Aug 15th with my mom so she can see how to do the bustle and hopefully that is the last one.
  • Thanks all! This is very helpful. I'm going to sit tight for a bit and wait until 4-6 weeks before the wedding.
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