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Anyone order from them? I saw someones dress that she was selling on ebay and it was gorgeous. Also they sent me pictures. They look fine. So im just nervous because its so cheap.

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  • Are the pictures of dresses the shop made or of designer gowns they will copy? Do you care if it's polyester not silk? I considered getting a dress from China, but I realized I would be happy. I found a great deal at a sample sale. I would see if you can find a sample sale, or look used, or brides against breast cancer.
  • They said its made out of taffeta instead of taffeta silk. My prob im running into is that because im a street 12/14 but a size 20 (oye!) in wedding dresses, i haven't found any gowns i like that i could try on. Most of them are tiny sizes.The pictures are the duplicates they made.
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