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After Six/Dessy swatches--please help!

Hi guys! I'm having a really tough time finding after six/dessy fabric swatches. They sell them on the site but they're very expensive. I'd just go to the store to look at the dresses myself, but I'm in Japan and that's not an option.So I need to order some swatches online.... and can't find any! I don't trust my computer screen--and really shouldn't for my colour. I'm very interested in the "merlot" colour for bridesmaid dresses, but I bet they probably look more red than purple in real life. What's worse, is I'm sure the swatch colours vary slightly according to what fabric you have. I want purple dresses. The fabric they show online for "merlot" is gorgeous, but not at all close to the actual colour of merlot--the wine. If anyone has seen the merlot colour from dessy or aftersix, can you give your opinion on the colour? Closer to red or purple?Even better--if someone HAS them and is willing to give/sell them to me (I'll pay postage too), or knows where I can purchase them online, please share!
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Re: After Six/Dessy swatches--please help!

  • My BMs are wearing After Six dresses. As far as I know there isn't anywhere to get the swatches online other than the website. I completely agree that it sucks they're so pricey, but it seems to be the only option.My girls will be wearing purple dresses-- they're wearing ones in matte satin in the color African Violet. If I remember correctly, the merlot swatches definitely looked more red than purple in person. You might want to think about the African Violet-- it's a very pretty deep purple color in person.
  • My girls are wearing Claret Colored dresses and I thought about Merlot when I was making my decision. Merlot is definately more in the red family than it is purple at least for the chiffon dresses. As for swatches if you have anyone living here that lives near a store have them go in and ask for a swatch. The place I bought from had no problem giving out swatches and I'm sure it would be cheaper than ordering from the dessy site. GL!!
  • Thanks so much for your help, ladies.  I'll definitely consider the african violet, but I think my second choice may have been the sugarplum colour.  I don't know though.  We'll see if I can find some swatches.
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