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WANTED Lazaro 3853

Please!  Anyone!  I lovelovelove this dress!  Let me know if you have it and are willing to sell!  Thanks!

Re: WANTED Lazaro 3853

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    Personally looking for 3857 which is almost the same the sash detail is just higher and a tiny bit different,  and the flare is more extreme and lowe4r on yours.  I am crusing all of the sights fro pre owned daily if I find one I will let you know.  Good luck!
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    Hey, there's a 3857 on oncewed.comIt's a size 4....but you should take a look!
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    I know this post is old but let me know if anyone is still looking for style 3857.  I wore it for my wedding in Sept 09 and willing to sell.  Was altered to fit me at size 2-4.  More details if you are interested...
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