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I think I found "the one"

I am in love with this dress made by Moonlight: know the dress comes in white, ivory, and gold. The sample I tryed on was white, but I'm not sure whether or not to go with white or with ivory. The fabric in the picture from the designer looks really dark. Do you guys think its the gold or the ivory in the picture?

Re: I think I found "the one"

  • Here is a picture of me in it.[IMG]<a href="" rel='nofollow'></a>[/IMG]
  • here's you in it One in the picture of the model looks ivory I would say.  You look like you have a good color to you that you could pull off the white if you wanted.  Sometimes white realoly washes people out.
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  • I have to say, the picture from the website doesn't do that dress justice. The models dress looks ivory to me. I agree w/ PP that the white looks great on you.Very pretty dress! Congrats!
  • I love the white. I thought white would wash me out but ivory actually did. I guess I have red under tones.
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  • I think that the white looks beautiful with your skin tone! It is hard to tell if the model is wearing ivory or gold. It looks kind of gold to me, but I'm not sure. You look WAY better in the dress than the model!
  • Moonlight's ivory is very light...almost a diamond white....looking like a silk white.  The shadows on the picture of the model make it really tough to tell what color she is wearing.  If you aren't sure which color is best......try on both the white and the ivory.  I know that Moonlight's ivory veil color is much darker than their ivory satin color
  • I agree that the website pic does NOT do that dress justice. It's SOOOOOOOOO much prettier on you. It does look ivory to me on the model.
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  • That's a beautiful dress.  If it came in pink, I'd wear something like that.  And whatever color you are wearing looks good on you, so don't sweat the color of the model's dress too much.
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  • Thanks for all of the awesome input guys. I think I'm going to go with the white after all. :)
  • Agree with pp! That dress looks so much better on you than that model!! OMG!! It looks great on you! :)
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