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B-pics ideas

The post below reminded me, I know a bunch of you married ladies have done these, and I just wondered if you had any suggestions whether clothing/makeup wise or anything! I'm doing them in a few weeks and am looking for any ideas/suggestions/advice. TIA!
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Re: B-pics ideas

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    Bring as much as you can, especially if you already have it! I brought SOOO much stuff and maybe wore half of it, but it was great having the options. Also, make sure it's a variety of items too, because you never know how far you may go until you get going.It'll be a ton of fun!!
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    I've noticed that the harder you try, the more it looks like you're trying.DH's favorite picture is one of me wearing his dress shirt and a pair of boyshorts.  There's a lot left to the imagination, as it's one of the pics where I'm most covered up...  I personally love the ones where I'm simply wearing a tank top and shorts.  Definitely bring a variety of options, bring too many options, and let the photographer choose - if they're good at it, they know exactly what will be best.  Same goes for make-up - is it not included in your package price?  Mine was, and I was grateful, I'm not very knowledgeable about what "sexy" looks like, so I appreciated all the help I could get. 
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    Bring clothes, lingerie, props. Bring anything special that you can sneak out of the house. If he is into sports or music, try to incorporate a jersey, t-shirt, or instrument or something. Masks, jewelry, ties, heels, veil... anything and everything. Defintely bring a ton of stuff and ask for recommendations. It can be a lot of fun!
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