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Who's your FOCCUS couple?? Also, which priest is now marrying you?

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    I forget their last name, but her first name is Joanna and they live down near Nashua. As of now I believe Fr. Moe is marrying us, but we haven't had a chance to meet with him yet, so won't know for sure til then! But he actually said Mass at our Engaged Encounter weekend and we spoke with him briefly and he said he remembers our names in his file somewhere...but we haven't heard back....gaaaaah this is frustrating sometimes with priests switching etc!
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    We didn't use either. LoL. Our FOCCUS couple was in Litchfield. It really wasn't as bad as we (I) expected it to be. And trust me, I understand the problem with them switching priests. We had to call them to find out who was marrying us, they hadn't even contacted us. I big pain, but it worked out fine in the end. I've heard great things about Fr Moe from my photographer.If you decide you want to get some help with ceremony stuff, I'd still be up with meeting with you sometime, just let me know :)GL writing that 50% check!! LoL.
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