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Follow Up to Wedding Annoucement Post

I actually just got my engagament pictures this week! I'm actually really excited because they came out a lot better than I ever expected. I actually have two questions about posting engagement annoucements in the paper: 1) How far in advance do people usually post these? 2) A couple of the papers FI and I have looked at have you submit your engagement annoucement form online. They want me to upload the pictures. The only problem is that my photographer did not post our pictures online so I only have printed copies. Can I scan these in and send them to the paper? Will the picture still look okay if I do that? Thanks!

Re: Follow Up to Wedding Annoucement Post

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    I'd ask your photographer to send you a digital link of the picture you want. I'm sure they'd be thrilled to have their photo in the paper (free advertising!) I'd tell them that you'll credit their name. You could also put your photo on a disk at Ritz Camera and upload it to your computer? Just a thought. And people put their E- announcement in whenever. Usually you have picked a wedding date and write in the announcement "The couple is planning/looking forward to a June 2011 wedding." GL soooo exciting!
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    Candi- Thanks for the advice! If I wasn't already excited for the wedding, I am started to get so even more excited after seeing my pictures!
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