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Pronovias Barcelona Huracan Dress - Anyone order it/wear it?!

I tried this dress on - and I loved it - and felt so special in it, but when I see photos of it online I hate it! Has anyone ordered this dress - if so do you have photos? I really want to make a decision, but I feel like I can't without seeing it in a photo that I like! HELP!Here is a link to what it looks like in photos: ladies!

Re: Pronovias Barcelona Huracan Dress - Anyone order it/wear it?!

  • I'm wearing Pronovias Diamante, and I have to say, I really didn't thin it was anything special when I saw pics. But when I tried it on ... ::magic::
  • I think it's a beautiful dress. The important thing is that you love it and feel special in it! I was a Pronovias bride (Manual Mota for Pronovias Scarlet) and loved my dress but couldn't find any pictures of brides wearing it but I didn't let that stop me. I knew it was the one because I didn't want to take it off. Pronovias makes beautiful, quality dresses. You won't regret your purchase. Good luck!
  • I also choose a Pronovias gown (Harlem), and hate pics on the models. It did help to see other girls in the dress, mostly because the sample I tried was a few sizes too small so the fitted hip wouldn't fit over my designed-to-birth-children curves very well. I love my dress so much that despite the sample not fitting properly due to size and hating model pics. Go with your gut - if you love it and know it looks great on YOU, who cares what it looks like on the over the top model pics? :) It might also help if you go back to try it on a few times before committing to ordering. I had a few dresses that I thought might be "the one" but didn't even have luke warm feelings about them when I went back to look again. GL!
  • My gown is Pronovias wedding is 10.16.10.  Make sure you order yours way ahead of time, because my dress took 6 months to get here!  I guess that's the normal wait time for a Pronovias gown.  I wouldn't base your decision off of pictures of dresses.  The pictures never look the same as the real thing, just like you can't tell what the dress looks like when it's just sitting in a bag.  Try on anything and don't know what you'll like until you try!! On a side note, Pronovias gowns are amazing, my gown made me cry when I first tried it on, so I knew it was "the one."  Good luck!!!
  • One more thing I forgot to mention...Instead of looking at the pictures of gowns on the Pronovias website, try looking at google images of the gowns.  That's what I do.  There are more pictures to see there than on the Pronovias website.  So, you should try looking at google images of Pronovias Huracan if that's what you're interested in...maybe the pictures on there will help you decide.
  • Hey Everyone! Thank you so much for all the help - I think I am going to go try it on one more time (for the 3rd time now) to make sure I love it! It made me cry, I think I may be a little TOO cautious! Thanks again for the help ladies :-)  
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