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Need to sell my wedding dress

Well I'm in a complete financial crisis. I was recently diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and the medical bills and everything are hitting hard. So I'm putting up my dress and accessories for sale. The dress is trumpet style with gorgeous beading along the bottom and train and around the top bust. It's ivory and rum pink with organza. It's so pretty, especially in pictures it looks so soft and pretty in pictures. Along with the dress comes with a blusher and two veils, one cathedral and the other fingertip. The shoes are also included 1 inch ivory heels, and my tiara which has ceramic rum pink flowers and sworvski crystals. It is beautiful. I bought the dress 2 years back from David's Bridal. It's a discontinued style and although it's been discontinued it's a classic shape and style. The dress is an unaltered size 4. It needs drycleaned since I bought it off the rack. I never really wore this dress since we eloped. It's a beautiful dress with beading and a wonderful design. If you'd like to see an photos or to make offers please email me at Please help me out we're in dier straights, even if you'd like the veil or tiara anything would help us out!

Re: Need to sell my wedding dress

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    I'm so sorry to hear about your situation!  You might also post your listing on,, or  Make sure you take good quality, detailed pictures.  You can also search these sites for a good idea of what you could ask for the dress and accessories.Good luck!
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    By the way the dress is Davids Bridal discontinued style number T8021. It still has a classy and elegant and timeless appeal to it. It also would look great with a mantilla veil as the bottom edging has a lace and beaded trim
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    I'm so sorry to hear that, I have almost the same type of disease and I agree the medical bills are outrageous.  I think I've spent over 15% of my income on medical expenses, it's really rough, I'm sorry to hear that you have to go through this too.  Good luck with selling your dress, you should also try listing it on craigslist in your area.
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