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Buying used dresses?

I am considering buy a dress from  Has anyone used this site or any site like it?

Re: Buying used dresses?

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    I bought my dress off the site. I got it at a great deal and the dress is in good condition. It needs some cleaning and minor repairs but I'm pleased with my purchase. I feel gorgeous in it. I think with a dress site like you have to trust the seller on it. ask the seller for recent pictures and details of any staining or anything that is loose or missing. If they still have the receipts or tags ask for that Ask for a picture of the designer tag. Pretty much ask as many questions as possible. I know ladies who have bought a dress and the seller through in everything they could, the veil, a shall, tiara, shoes ectSo yeah.
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    I bought my dress off of Craig's List. I was hesitant, but couldn't resists the price (HALF!). I was pleasantly surprised, but did have to do some mod myself. too much bling for my taste, but it looks great. I think if it's a trusted site w/ good reviews you should go for it. Why spend a month's pay on something you wear for a day?
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    I emailed the seller a few days ago about the dress conditon.  She said that it needed to be dry cleaned.  I then asked her if she would have it cleaned for me because there are no reputable dry cleaners here.  (I live in the Virgin Islands)  And asked if a friend that lives in her area could go look at the dress for me.  It would make me feel so much better.  She hasn't responded.  I really really want this dress!  I can't find another one like it anywhere.  Ahh I hate waiting!
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    I have heard nothing but positive response on the site and, in fact, have listed my dress on there.  I've had a lot of views but no bites yet.  I think it's a great site for brides because you can get very specific/detailed information on a dress that you're interested in.  In todays economy, I think it's a sensible thing to consider to save money and it helps brides get rid of their dress if they no longer want it.  As with any online site, I would just be sure you're getting everything you possibly can on the dress you're purchasing (information, pictures, etc) to make sure it's a legit purchase.  Good luck!
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    I had a good experience as well. The dress I bought was altered and I was a bit nervous about it fitting. The seller and I were able to work out a deal. I paid in advance and she agreed that if it did not fit and could not be appropriately altered, I would send it back within a week. I said that I would allow her to keep a small chunk of the money (even if I had to send it back) to pay for her trouble in having it cleaned and sending it. I paid through Paypal so if she would have tried to rip me off, I would've been covered. The dress fits and is gorgeous and I saved over $500!!!!
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    I did it!!  A friend tried the dress on for me and sent pictures.  It is in perfect condition so I bought it!!  I am so excited and the seller is fedexing it tomorrow morning!   YayyyyThis is it!
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