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Wedding dress hunting...

So, I've been searching for "the" dress for a month now, which is no big deal since I'm not getting married till May, but they told me at the last store I went to that if I have to order the dress that it could be five months before they get it in. Is that normal to have to wait that long or was that just them trying to get me to buy straight off the rack?

Re: Wedding dress hunting...

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    That is very normal, the average is 6-7 months. Some designers offer a rush cut service for around 100 dollars.
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    That's a pretty typical lead time.
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    that's actually the usual lead time.   there is a lot of labor involved in making a wedding dress and most are cut to order.   if you are looking to get something in time for May and still have time to get it altered you will need it in the dress shop no later than March or April if they have a quicker seamstress shop.   you may want to try looking into designers like alfred angelo that do not custom cut and do not cut to order so that it will come in faster.
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    I am getting married in May too, I got my dress in early Sept and was told that I won't get my dress till the end of Feb or early March. This give me time to get my dress altered. Some dresses take a while to order. You probably should get a dress soon to be on the safe side...from some postings on this board I've seen that some dresses arrive later than anticipated.
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