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Am I going to shop too late?

I'm getting married December 11, 2010 and I was planning on going dress shopping around April 9ish.  I'm looking at like Maggie Sottero and Da Vinci I going shopping too late?The alterations will be done by a family friend who did the alterations for my BM dress and my mom's wedding dress a few years ago and she's already said she can fit me in whenever, so I don't really have to worry about the alterations part of it.

Re: Am I going to shop too late?

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    I don't think it's too late but I think you would have to make a decision pretty quickly. It took me 4 months to decide on a dress (one of the first ones I tried on) but I'm the kind of person that needs to really think about big purchases. If you're not then I think you'll be fine.
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    If you happens to find the dress on the FIRST day, April 9th...that gives you about 8 months. That usually is enough time for you, but in some cases, you may need more time to look for the dress. Dresses aren't cheap, so some people tend to spend months looking for the best dress at the best deal. It depends on if you're budget conscious or picky. It took me about two and half months before I found my dress, and I've been told it'd take my dress 5-6 months to get here. It also depends on what designers you go with, some designers like Davids Bridal take only few weeks (my best friend ordered her dress and it got to her in about a month even though she was told 16 weeks).
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    I started dress shopping in June for my June 2010 wedding, and I didn't buy until yesterday! I bought a Maggie Sottero with 7 months till our wedding, and I was told by 2 different stores that if I had waited 3 weeks longer they would have had to do a rush order! (Most stores will give you a cut-off date, for Maggies the stores I decided between both said 7 months, which is a safe amount of time to receive the dress and start alterations) I think you'll be ok if you decide right away, but you might want to start looking sooner than April GL!
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    i bought my maggie in september an it arrived december for my february wedding. you should be fine. just ask the bridal salon. dont let them pressure you into buying anything you dont want because one store told me i was cutting it close and had to decide, i left them and found the "one" elsewhere!! GL
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