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Found my perfect dress! :)

Soo my fiance and his brother were working at a bridal show yesterday (they are vendors), and I was helping them along with my future sister in law. My parents came and we started looking around at other vendors, and found that upstairs a consignment dress shop had some gowns set up. I was just looking to look, and my mom found a dress which was exactly what I had said I wanted. I got my future sister in law and she helped me try on the dress. IT FIT ME PERFECTLY. Both she and my parents said it looked like it was made for me. My wedding is not for another 2 years, but I got the dress :) It was $250 and as of right now it needs no alterations.. however I do plan on losing at least one dress size by then so it will need to be altered, but I can't believe the dress.. it's beautiful. Just thought I'd share :)
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Re: Found my perfect dress! :)

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