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Leah Haydock Photograhy/Derby Studios

Has anyone used or heard of any reviews on Leah Haydock Photography or Derby Studios?  I can't seem to find much information on Derby Studios but really love his pictures.

Thank you!

Re: Leah Haydock Photograhy/Derby Studios

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    edited December 2011
    I think someone on the Boston Board used Leah Haydock recently.  If I remember, it was e-pics in the snow?
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    edited December 2011
    We met with Leah after she photographed a friends wedding last year but then our date changed and she was booked but she was so nice, we were kind of bummed. I saw the pictures on the Boston board - they looked amazing. Did you meet with her? she gave us a stack of references from previous brides. 

    If you like her kind of pictures you could also check out melissa robotti and anne ruthman 
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