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Did you BUY a Replica Dress?

Hi guys! I used to post on the dress board a LOT before our wedding :) Now I'm back and need you help! I'm writing an article for a blog and need some submissions/info if anybody is willing to share! What I need are brides that bought a replica dress (from ebay, storeofdress, topbridaldress, buyer100, peridress, etc.) and were really disappointed with the results. I'm looking for photos of the dress you received, why you were unhappy with it, and a photo of the dress you were hoping to get (the one you asked them to copy, like the Melissa Sweet Lia, etc.). How much did you spend on it? You can post them here *or* send me a PM. Note: if I use your photos/story they will be re-published to the blog I'm writing for. I'll send you the link :) TIA!

Re: Did you BUY a Replica Dress?

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