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Permanent attachment of a detachable train?

I am in love with my gown but was thinking I may want to permanently attach the detachable train.  I think it would be more comfortable and also easier to go to the bathroom and sit.  The train is a diferent material but I think maybe it would look ok if I had my seamstress open up the back and attach the train to give a fuller skirt.  Is this something that anyone has done before?  Is it possibe?  Would it look right?

My gown is a Sophia Tolli: Luna Tolli - Bridal
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Re: Permanent attachment of a detachable train?

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    Ditto MilkDuds.  I would talk to the seamstress at your store, they can do some amazing things and should be able to do whatever you want.
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    edited January 2012
    Thanks Ladies!  The train attaches on the back now with hooks and clasps, and then has lace appliques that fold down over the top so it appears to be part of the gown.  The dress is fitted and very flattering, I just wanted to make some changes--and it will make it unique!  The first pic is of the back with the train, which is absolutely beautiful.  Then with the train removed.  The kick-pleat is great too, I just feel like a fuller skirt will be better suited. Maybe the little lace & beads on the kick-pleat can be fashioned into a hair piece or bracelet??? I will talk with my seamstress and see what she thinks can be done.  Thanks again :)

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