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    I confess that even though this has been the longest summer break on record  at my job (I'm a teacher), that it has not been long enough and I don't want to go back next week!
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    I confess that after going to my cousin's wedding over this past weekend, and seeing all the outfits some of my family member's were wearing, I'm terrified as to what they are going to wear to my wedding.  WHO DRESSES LIKE THAT TO GO TO A WEDDING!!!!  Jeans, barely there skirts, no ties!!!????

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    I confess that N is home because of the weather and he's probably going to Jillians and I want to go but I'm sick. I hate being sick. 
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    I confess that it has taken a lot of self restraint to not go off on some people. I have had several teacher friends on FB make a comment about summer ending, and people write back saying how nice it must be to work from 7:30-2:30, have several breaks, and summers off. If they only knew....

    I don't make nasty comments about the stereotypical office worker sitting at their desk checking ESPN or FB all day....
    Rant over.
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    I confess that my inner two-year-old wants me to throw a screaming tantrum about being home from my vacation!  It is ridiculously cold today, seeing as how a) it was 90 where we were (Myrtle Beach) and b) it's supposed to be 80+ tomorrow! What the heck is up with this weather?!?!
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    I confess that it is taking all of my inner strength not to go into full diva mood these last couple of months before my wedding. Don't people know this is MY time to be selfish? I am tired of people bothering me with so many little and stupid things when I have a huge wedding to plan!

    And now that I say that out loud... I realize how selfish that is. But it's hard not to be overwhelmed with everything going on!
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