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Ring question

Do any of you ladies have a white gold E ring from Kay jewelers and put a moissanite stone in the setting? I have an engagement ring from them and I would like to put in a larger stone so FI and I decided to go with moissanite after all the great reviews I've read on them.

Now on to the problem FrownI was wondering if having my ring dipped would hurt the mossanite stone at all and was told no by the mossanite rep. because the stone is taken out for that but when I called Kays I was informed they will do no work on a ring with a mossanite stone and if I put one in my warranty for my band and smaller diamonds would be void. I'm totally bummed about this and don't know where to go from here.

What have you ladies done or heard?

Re: Ring question

  • I don't really know much about moissanite, so I apologize if this is unrealistic.  Would it cost much more to just get a totally new ring instead if you're that unhappy with your current ring?  I would imagine the stone is probably the most expensive part, so maybe that would be an option for you.  And then you could sell your current ring to help recoup some of your expenditure.  HTH!
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