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What to wear/bring to try on dresses

Hi girls,
I'm going to try on dresses for the first time and I have no idea what to wear/bring with me. Any suggestions??

Re: What to wear/bring to try on dresses

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    Wear full coverage underwear because more than likely a bridal consultant will be in the changing room with you.  

    Strapless bra (the ones they let you wear have been worn my many other brides and usually aren't washed.

    Camera- if they let you take pictures take them!  After a few white dresses they all seem to blend together.

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    Shoes!  Bring some shoes in the height you would like to wear at the wedding.  If you're not sure about the height, just bring something comfortable.  You don't really need to worry about height until alterations.
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    Pretty much what the PPs said- a strapless bra, regular undies (do you really think the consultant wants to see your thong?), camera, and maybe a friend or parent who will tell you like it is when it comes to how the dress looks on you.  I recommend not going crazy on makeup, since most of the stores I went to had signs requesting women not to wear a lot (or to remove it) because they want the samples to stay nice.  Ditto big, chunky jewelry- it can catch on the dresses.
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