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dress - vent... blah

So, I have been somewhat unhappy with my dress since the day I bought it. Its beautiful and elegant, but I really envisioned elegance with detail, and BLING and FLASH.  I have posted about this before.  

I FINALLY, just last week, decided to stop torturing myself, accept that the dress I have, is the dress I'm going to wear.   And, I would dress it up with jewelry and fabulous shoes. I found my fabulous shoes... and am still searching for jewelry... but, found a few pieces.

NOW... just today, I click on the Mori Lee facebook page... and the 2012 fall line is out.  OMG. There are SO MANY amazing dresses !!      

Like the few I posted below: 

The enitre Fall/2012 Julietta (plus size) line is gorgeous...

Let the freakout, round 3 or 4, or 5... begin.

EDIT:  edited to add actual pictures, because links to pictures screwed up formatting

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