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Bridesmaids wearing long and short dresses.

I have bridesmaids of varying ages from 20 - 40 and varying body types, from short to tall, thin and thicker. I want everyone to be comfortable, so I have been thinking about the possibility of mixing short and long dresses for the bridesmaids.  Will this look good, or will it look awkward having different length dresses??

Re: Bridesmaids wearing long and short dresses.

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    I peresonally think it'll look really strange. You might as well all go with the long dresses. You may be able to get away with it if the dresses are all exactly the same except the length. 
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    I agree in part with the pp about it working if they all are wearing exactly the same dress but different lengths... that would work. But I am in the same boat as you-different sizes (00-14), body types, and ages (16-38). There was no way everyone was going to love their dress if I made them all wear the same thing. I had them pick out different dresses but I kept a common denominator: the same color,  same fabric, and most importantly, the same formality. When they tried on the dresses and stood next to each other, it looked great!
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    I think it will look awkward. If you want to give them a choice that will work for each of them, pick a length and then select a few styles of dresses in that length in the color and fabric you want.  Let each of them pick the style that works for them.
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    Ditto PP. I don't like mixing long and short dresses- it looks like you're going to 2 different weddings.
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    PeavyPeavy member
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    I think it would look strange to have some short and some long.  Worse still would be if all girls wore short, and one wore long or vice versa.  It would look like a mistake.  Why not just choose a color and length, and let the girls choose their own style.
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    Have any of them told you if they prefer long or short? Do you have a preference?
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    I'm not a fan of different lengths. I think it's more flattering to pick one length and let people pick whatever dress they like in that length and in your color.
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    I agree with the ladies above.  Keep it the same length.  My girls range from a 6 to a 24 and 5'3 to 5'10.  I've choosen the designer, color, and material and length...they can pick any style that makes them feel good. 
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    I agree, it's not a good look. What time is your wedding? This is usually the best way to choose dress length. If it's daytime, go with knee or tea length. For an evening wedding, go long.

    They don't have to be in the same dresses, but the length and over all look should be similar.

    My girls are between a size 4 and a 24, and 30-40's- for my evening wedding I told them any floor lenth black chiffon dress they want, with any bright red shoe. This way there's a similar "look" and everyone can be comfortable and happy and find something in their budget.
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    The only exception I might make to mix the lengths would be to have the bridesmaids in short dresses with maid/matron of honor in a long dress.
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    I actually disagree with everyone.  I don't think varying the lengths up looks bad at all.
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    I have four girls and one of them are wearing a long dress. It's the exact same color - Apple at David's Bridal - but those are the dresses they've chosen and I don't see anything wrong with it personally. 
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