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amount of time to budget for getting ready?

hi everyone, 

just wondering if any of you newlyweds or particularly organized brides have an idea of how much time i should budget for getting dressed the  morning of my wedding? 

i am trying to put together at timeline of the day and have no clue how much time it should take!

also, bonus question:  any idea how much time i should budget for my hair dresser and makeup artist?  i know i could ask them, but thought i'd ask here too. 


Re: amount of time to budget for getting ready?

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    My advice--allow more time than you think you need.  I had heard 1.5 hours for the bride and 1 hour for everyone else so that's what I planned.  But I took almost 2 hours.  By the end, I was rushing to get dressed and was late to the reveal.

    Also, I planned it where my MOH was getting done after me while I went to the reveal.  This meant I didn't get any getting ready or candid shots with my BMs before the ceremony and looking back I regret not having those. 
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    I gave myself 3 hours in total - I thought it would take 2 hours, but I gave myself an extra hour for "lunch" as a buffer (figured we could do some extra photos during that time if we were bored). We ended up using almost the full 3 hours.

    To give you an idea, there were two of us getting our hair done by the stylist while one did her own hair, and all three of us did our own makeup.
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    We had the hair stylist come at 9, and it took her about 2 or 2.5 hours to do my hair, my moms' , and two other girls'.

    The makeup artist came at 10, and it took her between 1.5 and 2 hours to do the makeup for 3 of us, and put fake lashes on two girls.

    It took maybe 15 minutes to get me in my dress all laced up and take photos.

    Definitely give yourself an extra half hour or so. I was ready by 12 or a little after, and wasn't planning on leaving for photos until 12:30. We could have even left a little later if we had to, but everything went on schedule.
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    Our first look is supposed to be at 4:15.  The stylist is going to start on my hair and makeup at around 1:00.  There are six other girls getting hair done and doing their own makeup.  With the stylist and the assistant, we're going to have about a half hour per girl, so I'm going to encourage them to pick styles that aren't terribly complicated.
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    This is a good question. My ceremony is at 10:30am. I'm going to have to be up by like 6am the latest! eeek!
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    thanks for your thoughts everyone.

    i think i'm going to be ok with my current timeline then.  i guess i'm just more of a freaker than i realized (actually, i KNOW i'm a freaker).

    we have to be at the venue for a 1:45 start & i want to be there for 1:30 at the latest, and will be starting with hair and makeup for me, my sister and mom at 9am.  should be fine!

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    MUA told me an hour for my makeup and 30 minutes for each BM/Mom.  For hair, I was told 1.5 hrs and 1 hour for each BM/Mom updo.

    I plan starting at 10 and myself being done for pre-ceremony pictures around 2:15pm. My BMs need to be ready by 3:30.  I have 4 BM's and 1 MOB.
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