New Hampshire

Where is everyone?

Its been dead around here. Frown

What's everyone working on these days?

I'm stuck on invitations.  Looking for the butterfly shoes that were on Say Yes to the Dress, the other night and hair + makeup.

Re: Where is everyone?

  • YuMMMy721YuMMMy721 member
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    I totally agree!! It's been crazy quiet around here! I've been working on my STD's, and finally got them all done this weekend. My mom and dad will mail them out the middle of this week! Now it's on to cakes and DJ's! 

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    Maybe it's been quiet because so many people were out of power last week and now everyone is trying to catch up on things?  That's my guess.

    We are meeting with our second DJ tonight.  Fingers crossed he's a good match!

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    I am working on accessories and bridesmaid gift ideas.  I am trying to decide on purple versus blue versus white shoes.  I think i am finally getting my vision together for jewlery.  I have been spending lots of time on etsy.  We finally finished the wedding website this weekend, so my save the dates are finally going out tomorrow!

    There haven't been many poles or weekly status questions lately. 
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  • mariegramariegra member
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    I'm still's two-months post wedding and now I am just trying to sort through over 2000 proofs from the wedding to choose the final ones for our CD and photo album.  Also still waiting for the video to be edited.
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    I am going tux shopping and wedding band shopping this Saturday and I'm really excited! Trying to get all the bridesmaids dresses ordered. I'm on "vacation" this week, but today I'm doing 4 loads of laundry and cleaning the oven, to start. :)
  • choccovberrychoccovberry member
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    My Fi and I are planning on sending Save The Dates out by the end of the week. I just booked the DJ so I feel good about that.. We have another cake testing this Saturday and next Saturday and then we will hopefully decide on a place for that.
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  • Kfudge0714Kfudge0714 member
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    I'm still here!!! Still waiting on my engagement pics from my photographer (its been over 4 weeks! eeerr!) so I can order my STD's and send them out!
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    I'm still here!  I also thought things were really quiet around here.  Good to see activity on here again.
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