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XP - Bought my Dress!

I posted this on the October 2012 board as well.

So my local bridal store was having a sample sale blowout and I wanted to go try on a few dresses to "ease into it since I was feeling a bit nervous about trying on dresses with a big group of people. I wound up finding it totally alone and had a bit of an "I miss my mom" moment (she passed away when I was 14) and a few other moms that were there overheard me and kind of rallied around me. it was really nice of them. 

Anyway, 6 dresses later and I found it! It's a Mori Lee by Madeline Gardner but I don't know the actual style number. I forgot to ask the store this afternoon so I'll have to call tomorrow. 

It will have to be taken in at the bust since it's about a size and half too big there, but there's lots of time for alterations. I'm taking it out to my Dad's place on Friday for safe keeping and so FI won't sneak a peak. He's pretty good about not ruining surprises, but I'm not sure he won't be tempted before it's time to take it to the seamstress for alterations.

You'll have to excuse my beet red face. I was super hot after tryign on dresses and I had been crying a bit do to my "I miss my mom" moment.

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