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What should the groom and groomsmen wear!!! Help!!!

Ok, I'm getting married in St. Thomas in Feb. It is not going to be a wedding on the beach, but rather a gazebo. My wedding gown is ivory in color, and has lace that comes up over my arms and upper back. My bridemaids are going to wear just simple black dresses. I am completely clueless as to what to have my groom wear, as he does not want to wear black!!!

Re: What should the groom and groomsmen wear!!! Help!!!

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    [QUOTE]I've thought about that, but should they be ivory shirts since my dress is ivory? Plus, would that look funny in pictures having the girls in black and the guys in khaki?
    Posted by sclaire77[/QUOTE]

    Could the GM wear black but your FI wear Ivory?  My FI is not matchin his GM.
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    they can wear grey!
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    You might want to ask your FI what he wants to wear and his grromsmen. I know my FI wants to be in charge of it. The only thing I asked him what colour of the tie they are planning to wear of if everyone is going to be in a tux because I want to coordinate it with their boutonnieres.
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