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Wedding Dress Drama - To Buy or Not

My MOH & I went to the local David's Bridal, in WPB, FL, and had a horrible experience. The consultant was only pulling one dress at a time, and not even from the list I provided, then after the 5th dress told me that if I wanted to try on anymore I had to make another appointment because their time limit is 1-1/2 hrs. Well at that point my MOH got the manager involved and I ended up finding a dress that I fell in love with. I wouldn't of minded coming back if I had been told initally that there was a time limit or if more than one dress was pulled at a time. The whole experience left a bad taste in my mouth and I am worried that if I buy the dress that things will be just as bad with getting it in on time & alterations.

Do I buy a dress that I love and hope for the best or do I settle for one that I like a lot from another bridal salon, but don't love?? Thanks for your suggestions!

Re: Wedding Dress Drama - To Buy or Not

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    If you are in love with it, get it. There have been so many stories about DB, some good & some bad experiences. Yes, they were like that when I first went looking as well. I found out later from one of the bridal boutiques we went to (and where I bought my dress) that they are on commission, so that is why they have to keep rolling and don't have a lot of time to spend with one customer. My sales lady did the same thing and was also working with other brides as well at the same time she was supossed to be helping me. She was also very pushy and thought every dress was the one, not to mention she wanted us to buy it that day.

    Needless to say, I didn't find the dress of my dreams there. But I will tell you that we got the BM's dresses there and they all came in, no problems whatsoever. I think they are fine to buy from, just make sure you think about it and aren't pressured into anything. As far as the alterations go, I can't help you there, but maybe the other knotties will have some advice. If you feel more comfortable taking it elsewhere and it gives you peace of mind, do it by all means.
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    Are there other David's Bridals around you? I think the DB experience has a lot to do with what consultant you get.

    If not, and you love it, I would just order it.
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    Just get the dress you love, you could transfer your sale to a different consultant but don't give up a dress you love to punish them because it really just punishes you.

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    If you don't buy the one you love you just keep thinking about it over and over and it will drive you nuts!!! Eventually you will have to take back the dress you settled for ( which the other salon may or may not let you do) and buy the one from DB. Trust me, I've been there done that..............5 times!!!! Save yourself alot of trouble and worry and buy the one you really want!! In the end you will be happy you did!
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    You can order from DB online, too.
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    If you love it should get THE DRESS...they discountinue dresses like every 6 months too so if you wait you may not be able to get that same dress.

    I will tell  you though I will never set foot in a DB again!!!!!!  Many horrible bad experiences including my BFF needed to buy a formal gown for a frat event.  There isnt many places you can go to buy formal gowns in this small NC town so we went to DB. She needed a dress that day (it was like Thursday evening and the event was that weekend--no time to go searching in another town) she was willing to lay down $200-$300 that day for a dress!  A) no one wanted to help even when she said I have to buy something tonight B) when we finally got a "babysitter" she was rude and acted like she had better things to do.  We were first like well we will just look around we are sure we could find a BM dress that will work and they were like "ummm we have to be with you-you can't touch the dresses". A long 20 min later my friend finally found a dress that worked great for what she needed it for.  We went to check out and again more rudness....when they asked why we were buying this dress and she said she was in a frat and there was a formal event she was going to..the lady was like ok PROM! ---what?!?! My friend said no I'm not going to prom but  whatever we finally left with dress in hand....

    GL if you have to deal with them...I would aviod them at all cost BUT I wouldn't tell you NOT to buy the dress of your dreams just be cautious!

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    Thank You so much everyone. Thankfully I had told the consultant from the begining that I wasn't purchasing that day so she didn't push the sale on me. I'm hoping that when my mom is able to go with me I'll have a better experience. I think you are all so right, if I don't get it I'll never be happy with something else and will always want to go back to this one. Thanks again for all the insight!!!
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    I would stick with the dress you love.  Don't let some rude consultant make you feel less than beautiful because it's not THEE dress...

    I've heard of places not telling you the designer, style number, etc.  But is it possible to find the same dress elsewhere, or even online? (seems you can get just about everything online these days). 

    As far as alterations, I'd just make sure that it is ordered with lots of time to spare before the big day, IF you do go through DB. Also, I'm not sure how it all works but is there any kind of contract involved with ordering your dress from them? If so, they'd have to abide by the contract and if not, just threaten them with  a lawsuit.  I hate to sound like that, but if they cannot uphold their end of the deal then they need to be told about it and take action to fix it ASAP.

    I would honestly try to find it elsewhere, even online, as I don't know how close you are to any other boutiques or dress shops.  Good luck! :-)
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    Getting the dress somewhere else raises another question then....could I ask another bridal salon if they could get this dress in for me?? Is that rude?? I have all of the information about the dress, style # & the designer's name, but I don't know if that's possible. Thanks again for your insight knotties!!

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    If you love it buy it. Is it one you can oder online and have it altered somewhere else?
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