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XP: Who picks and pays for?

I'm clueless when it comes to this stuff.  How do we go about getting the Flower Girl and Ring Bearer's outfits?  Do I just pick something out, do the parents of the FG or RB and I go together to pick something out, do I pick several outfits myself and then tell them to pick the one they want, or do I just let the parents take care of it and I don't have much involvement?  Also, how far in advance do I need to do this?  My wedding is five months away.

I really have no idea how this typically works.  I'm not even sure where to get the outfits.  I guess we will get FG's outfit from David's Bridal, but I have no idea where to get a RB's outfit.  I also don't know who is supposed to pay for their outfits.  Is it like the bridesmaids, where they pay for their own dress?  To be honest, I don't care all that much what the FG and RB wear, because they will look adorable no matter what.  I'm more concerned with staying under the parents' budgets (if they are supposed to pay).  This is something I'm willing to give up control of and just get something the parents and children are happy with.

So if someone could give me some guidance of how I should go about this, it would be much appreciated.  In case it matters, our FG lives locally, within a half-hour drive from us, but our RB lives several states away (about an 8-hour drive), so there's no way I could meet up with RB and his parents.  Thank you!
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Re: XP: Who picks and pays for?

  • Ring bearers usually wear tuxes or suits julst like groomsmen

    As for for flower girls, you can go to any bridal shop..or a shop that sells communion dresses...or just any normal store works

    You should basically allow the parents to have inputs into what the children wear...
  • their parents technically pay (and you need to find out there budget) but you can always offer to pay if you'd like.  For kids, I've found it much more affordable to go through regular stores like Target or a place in your local mall-- I found my flower dress at a store in our mall called "Little Angels" (its a chain here in CA but not sure where else but they have a website).  I admired the dress in the window for about 2 years, lol so I was so happy it was still there!!  My flower girls dress was under $50, and my nephew (RB) is getting his suit there (under $50 as well).   Otherwise look into renting a suit for RB where the guys get theirs. 

  • i plan on going with my sister to pick out the flower girl dresses. we plan on going around easter when they are on sale, like kohls and jc penneys/// much cheaper too
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