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My wedding is 19 days away!! I just called to check up on alterations for my dress since my first fitting was over a month ago. She says no worries, she will have me come back next week for my second fitting. This seems like it's really cutting it close, as I know I have lost weight since first fitting. She also hasn't even measured me for length yet. So if she says don't worry do I just trust her?

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    It's usually best to have your fittings done very close to the wedding, so that you don't change size. That said, I'd be worried, especially if you've lost a significant amount of weight. Did you let her know this could be an issue? And why on earth hasn't she measured for length? If I were a seamstress, I'd worry about length first, since the fit of the rest of the gown doesn't affect the length to a great extent.
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    If they seem confident that it will be done, don't worry.  I was freaking out about my alterations, but the seamstress/dress shop reassured me that everything would be fine.  I am picking up my finished dress on Saturday, only one week before my wedding!
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    My wedding is at the end of this month and I go for my second fitting tomorrow...I would think you are pretty good.  Did you need a lot of alterations?  Mine were just minor, so they scheduled fittings farther out.
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