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Could you and FI ever work together?

We can't. And we're about to. The world just might end guys..

Lol but seriously FI works in advertising and we're working on this big secret project (secret because of his ad job he hasn't left yet) that's about to take off soon. Anyway I help him out wherever I can esp when it has to do with things that could harm him and his contract at work. Buttt it's not easy. FI has the "if you want something done right, do it yourself" type mentality and we both have our own control issues. So it's probably our fault we're butting heads all the time but neither of us know how to fix it lol. He can't trust me to do what he does which annoys me, and I'd rather not touch the subject to avoid doing everything wrong so he gets frustrated with me too. Anyways I'm actually REALLY excited about this upcoming business we're planning to start but I'm kind of nervous as to how this is going to work out lol.

Anyone work with their FI? Have you survived? Suggestions? Haha!  Or if not, could you?
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