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Have you seen this dress?!?

Hey ladies, 
  So I went dress shopping with my sister today and fell head over heels, deeply, madly in love with this dress from the designer Marisa.  Problem is I couldn't take pictures in the boutique. Okay. No big deal. I figured I'd find it online. But it's soooo hard to find her dresses because she purposely doesn't advertise since she imitates a lot of high-end designers and also wants to keep her dress costs low.  Anyways, this is the ONLY picture I could find online.  But the picture just doesn't showcase all the angles and beauty of the dress and frankly just doesn't do the dress justice.  Not to mention that I a lot more curvy than the lady in the picture and I think flatters my body type more than the model in the picture.  IF you know the style number PLEASSSSEEEE let me know! All I know is that it is from her Fall 2008 line. I know I can count on ya'll. Thanks!  Oh and Happy New Year!" alt="" width="439" height="661" />

Re: Have you seen this dress?!?

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