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Steel bone corset?

Im plus sized, and although I do plan on losing weight before the wedding, I'll most likely still be plus sized.

What do you think about a steel bone corset in my situation? Also, do these work well for girls that lack cleavage? I have B cups and not much cleavage....

One more Q..if I do decide to go with a steel bone corset, should I order it before wedding dress shopping, or after?

Re: Steel bone corset?

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    Oww is my opinion. It seems really uncomfortable and you'll be wearing it for a long day. I wouldn't do it but if you can manage it, i guess go for it. 

    Question 2- no, get it after your dress but before alterations. A lot of dresses have corsets and structure to the point that you might not even need the corset. Mine has an amazing structure that makes it so I don't even have to wear any figure enhancing undergarments. I was amazed at how much it sucked my waist in. I'd wait to buy it until you know that you'll really need it- you can have your dress taken in once you get it. 
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    I agree with PP. It'll be horribly uncomfortable if you aren't used to wearing corsets. And you'll be wearing it all day. Don't put yourself in the situation where you HAVE to wear it for the dress to fit. Because you may end up miserable and not be able to take it off.

    Dresses alone do amazing things for plus-sized curves. And your fh loves you just the way you are. :)
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    You don't want to be uncomfortable on your wedding day. I'd skip it. 

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    Have you even worn a corset? I'm a dancer and many of my costumes have corset tops and I've literally been left with bruses after wearing them. I would never reccommend it to someone on their wedding day. 

    Embrace your shape, find a dress you love and call it a day. 
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    If you've never worn a corset before, see if you can get one or borrow one and wear it for a while.  Yes, it's uncomfortable at first, but if you get used to it, it's helpful.  I've been wearing a borrowed one off and on for several months, and while it's tiring after a full day, it helps support my back and gives me a nice shape, even with a looser lacing.  Being a B cup doesn't matter.  I'm a little under a B cup, and I can wear one without issues.  It won't plump you up a cup size, but you're still perfectly fine wearing an actual corset.  Just make sure you get one that's fitted to you, and have someone that knows how to put it on you.  My BMs wear corsets for some occasions (and one of them is the one lending me her leather one to get used to it), so they know what they're doing.  One warning though, DO NOT tight-lace.  You want to bring your waistline in about an inch.  Any more than that, you run the risk of injury.

    As for boning, ere's LOTS of types of boning you can use.  For the boning on mine, I'm using a flat steel spring, which is actually pretty comfy.  And since I don't lace up very tightly, it'll be wearable all day.  My movement is limited some, espically in the bending over department, but a lot of weddnig dresses have that issue, so I'm not worried.

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    Spring steel boning is what they usually make them out of (with some rigid steel at the eyelets, and maybe up front). I find them to be extremely comfortable to wear (my back felt fantastic), but many people don't. When I was a size 20, I wore one for costuming purposes (not all the time, though). Definitely try wearing one for an extended period of time before you decide. It is wonderful for the posture, and it does hold you in, but it can also restrict movement and breathing. Don't try for the super tight lacing, unless first training yourself. 

    They can be pricey, and you want to make sure you get the right shape and size for your body. If possible, try to find someone who either custom makes them, and/or knows how to fit it for what you want. I've seen girls in corsets that look like barbells because they just tight lace them, and everything gets squished either up, or down. It also doesn't change the shape that much. If your waist isn't that defined now, a corset likely won't have too much of an impact. For the smaller chest issue (again, I have that), go for one that doesn't have individual cups, but something like this (<-- click). The cups will not push them together. Another idea is a torsette. It's an underbust style that has wide strap. You wear a regular bra with it and it gives nice bus definition.

    The longer on the hip it is, the smoother the transition will be (in my experience). But again, you can't just slouch in them. If you are going with one, again, try to get one ahead of time to make sure you can stand it for the whole day. Also, you'll want to have it for dress shopping to make sure the dress is compatible with it.

    Other options would be to shop for dresses that enhance your shape. I had an a-line BM dress that made me look pretty nice, and I didn't need too much underneath. Also check out the spanx-like undergarments.
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