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size of the wedding band?

Hi ladies! I'm wondering a bit about wedding band ring sizing. FI bought me a matching band in the same size as my e-ring. I love it and it fits perfectly by itself, but when I wear it together with my e-ring it feels tighter than I would expect. I know this is just because the two rings together are wider than either one alone, so of course they will feel a bit tighter. So my question is, it this normal? Do most people order their wedding band to be slightly larger than their e-ring? Or do you eventually just get used to them being tighter when you wear them together? I'm trying to decide if I should get it sized up before the wedding. Thanks! 


Re: size of the wedding band?

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    I noticed the same thing so I went to the jewelry store to try on a half size larger ring to see the difference.  The larger size kept sliding all around so I went with the original size and now it feels normal.

    Go to the jewelry store and try on a ring that's half a size larger with your e-ring and see how it feels.
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    Take them both in to the jewerly store where he bought them and get fitted. Ask them what they think.

    My e-ring and band happen to be the same size, but I am sure not all women are the same. For me, I can definitely tell when it is more humid out or if it is close to the time of the month.

    If you are getting them saudered together, I imagine they would need to be the same size. If you are leaving them seperate or plan on wearing just the band, then I would think that having them different sizes wouldn't matter. But definitely get the jewerly stores recommendation.
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    When we bought my wedding band the jeweler told us that when the e-ring and wedding band are worn together it will feel tighter.  My e-ring is looser than I would like, but not big enough to go down to a smaller size, so when wearing it with the band it is perfect.  
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    Thank you for all of the advice! This is all very helpful, and it's at least reassuring to know that it is a normal occurrence. 

    On a totally unrelated note: MissySue, my FI is an Ohio State Football FANATIC! I am marring into a family of crazy OSU fans...and I'm totally ok with it:) We might actually be at the OSU-Michigan game this year!
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