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Dyeing or bleaching shoes?

Ok, I know most people buy a pair of dyeable shoes knowing they can be dyed in practically any color.  I bought a pair online on ebay that were advertised as white, with a photo of white shoes.  When they arrived, I open the box and see they're not white- they're an ivory/champagne color.  I want white shoes!!!  I emailed the seller to ask what was up with the funky shoe color.  The seller told me that that particular shade is 'that company's white' and that they ordered the 'white' shoes from them originally.  Now, these are Touch Ups.  And I've seen them in white before- like, blindingly white white.

So my question is- can an ivory shoe be bleached white?  Or should I suck it up and dye them a different color like red or blue?  I'm too cheap to buy anymore shoes that are over $20 a pair lol.

Thanks, ladies :)
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