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Attire for Best Woman

Howdy ... former knottie here (got married in 2008). I'm now looking for advice on attire for my brother's upcoming wedding.

I'm the Best Woman. The bride & groom will each have 3 attendants - bride will have a MOH & 2 BM, groom will have me and 2 GM.

The bride has given me the option to wear the same dress as her attendants, or I can wear something else if I prefer not to wear the same thing as the girls.

The guys are wearing something like this (black pants/vest, white shirt, black/green/gray ties):

What should I wear as the Best Woman? The same thing as the MOH/bridesmaids? Or something different? Maybe a dress similar in style/cut as the girls but in a color that matches the guys? I'm just not sure if it's more appropriate to match the guys or match the girls.

One more piece of info ... the dress the girls are wearing is from a plus-size line,  the smallest size available is a 12 (the brides' attendants are all plus-size girls). They don't make that particular dress in non-plus sizes. According to the measurements from the designer, I wear a size 4 in their dresses, so if I wear the same dress as the girls, I would have to order a 12 and have major alterations done. It's a strapless dress, so it has to fit properly. I don't want any wardrobe malfunctions!

Any advice?

Mr. Sammy Dog
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