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HELP me pick my dress. down to two, pictures included.

 Hello. Please vote. I am an October beach wedding bride. Wedding on the sand in Florida and reception at a restaurant at a yacht club. I need help deciding between the dresses. At first glance, the halter seems more flattering, but there is no sparkle to it. i was told that one is cute and one is pretty.. not sure I agree with that. I was also told that one looks more like a wedding dress than the other, but I am okay with being slightly different than the typical. I was told that one is more casual and one is more formal.. I agree with that... but that doesn't help me pick. We are going with a nice wedding, not overly fancy, so either would work. The strapless is too big on me in this pic, but sized right it nips my waist in very much. The halter is a zip up back and the strapless is a lace up which is great for sizing. The halter has a very small train, and the strapless has a longer one that I will bustle. I am looking for the one that is beachy, and first and most important is flattering and gorgeous. I want the one that makes me body look the best. Classic and timeless. The halter is very unique, but is it strange at the bottom? Will I look back and wonder what I was thinking. Is the strapless too cookie cutter... just like every other girls dress? Someone please help me. PLease remember the strapless will show of waist more when I have the right size. Which is more appropriate? Which is more flattering on arms? have to decide tomorrow. yikes!!! thanks so much for your help! 
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