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Already got my dress...but found another one....

So my dress was arrived a few weeks ago, and its perfect, almost. Although it's not as flowy as I thought it would be, I am still waiting on the train petticoat to arrive that I ordered. Which should take care of the flow problem. Everyone says its beautiful and I should stick with it, but I have recently found one I ABSOLUTELY LOVE and I know I would be happier with. I am already in the hole a few hundred dollars with this dress, and will approx spend the same amount on the other dress. BUT my FI will KILL me if I buy another dress.

Idk what to do. I am severly impatient waiting on this hoop to arrive to try it on with my current dress. But I want the other one! AHHH*

I know what I am about to ask for... Opinions please?
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